Fastest Trademark 

You can achieve a National Trademark Symbol  ® in 48 Hours !
For the first time, a fast and immediate national trademark may be obtained by a person with a non-conflicting text or logo mark.
Our Agents should be able to process a trademark with a Sovereign Nation within a few days and have approval of the mark in 48 Hours with a scan copy of a registration certificate within 10 days.
This trademark filing and fast registration cost would be:
1) $250 Dollar Filing Fee for One Class Included.
2) $500 Dollar Expedite Fee for 48 Hour Service.
3) 1 Class and includes a supplemental state registration in USA Colorado.
Total: $750 dollars for one class to receive a ® SYMBOL and a dated certificate of registration.
The mark would be a registered for 5 years.  The registration would be a conditional mark as long as nobody validly contests the mark.


If  we can’t get your trademark registered fast, you get your money back.


To Register Your Mark and Make Payment


I got my trademark in 24 hours. I began using the  ®  and TM symbol immediately."

- CEO USA -